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There are 3 routes up Skarddalstind. The simple route up the north ridge starting at Leirvassbu lodge, the simple route up the south west ridge starting at Olavsbu cabin and finally the challenging route down the west ridge of Skarddalseggi followed by the ascent up the bouldery east ridge.

Skarddalstind from Visbretind to the northThe first of these three routes I have described as a the preferred route in the main section. The other two are described here.

East Ridge Route

The east ridge of Skarddalstind is not difficult per se as it is only ½ km of boulders and blocks. However, getting to the base of this ridge involves some testing and exposed scrambling down the west ridge of Skarddalseggi.

For details on this descent from the summit of Skarddalseggi to the saddle see the Skarddalseggi page. If you have come up the east ridge from the saddle the easiest return is either down the north ridge to Leirvassbu lodge or the south west ridge to Olavsbu cabin.

Skarddalstind full size mapSouth West Ridge Route

The south west ridge of Skarddalstind is a straightforward clamber up boulders and blocks. The best starting place for this ridge is Olavsbu cabin.

Follow the path to Leirvassbu lodge, Ra.3, for 1½ km until the path reaches a shallow open stony stream. Do not follow the path over the stream but head up the east side for a ½km then veer east up across stones and vanishing turf until you reach the small saddle between the base of the ridge and a small knoll.

The ridge is now easily followed for an easy hour to the summit. The last half of the ascent is an easy clamber over blocks and boulders.

The return is by the same route to Olavsbu cabin allowing 4 hours return. Alternatively descend the north ridge and continue to Leirvassbu lodge allowing 6 hours in total.

Continued Traverse

It is also possible to continue the traverse of the massif by making the difficult traverse over to Skarddalseggi up its west ridge. More details are on the Skarddalseggi page.