Kalvehøgdi Massif

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7.4 Østre Kalvehøgdi 2178m

Østre Kalvehøgdi, 2178m, is a high point on the edge of the huge escarpment on the north side of the Kalvehøgdi Massif. It is usually climbed en route to Kalvehøgdi as it lies on the main ascent route from Valdresflya Vandrerhjem Hostel. It is a superb ski destination in the winter/spring.


7.5 Leirungskampen 2079m

Leirungskampen, 2079m, is a fine peak on the very western end of the Kalvehøgdi Massif. It is has three steep and one vertical sides. It is most usually climbed from Svartdalsbandet up the sustained north west ridge which is something of a slog up stones. At the top of the ridge there is some respite when you reach a plateau. From the south end of the plateau there is a alpine saddle to scramble through before the final slope up to the top.

The other route up Leirungskampen is the difficult traverse over from Kalvehøgdi. Route finding on the descent down the arête to the saddle is difficult and involves some easy grade III scrambling. Thereafter there is a airy arête with some interesting obstacles which deliver you to the bottom of a 40 metre grade III crag. This crag is steep at about 70 degrees and requires a rope. This 40 metre crag can be avoided by making an ascending traverse round the south and west side of Leirungskampen across steep loose scree to the notch in the saddle on its north west side. From this notch it is easy to climb the short final slope. More information on these two routes are found on the alternative routes page.