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8.9 Vesle Knutsholstind 2205m

Vesle Knutsholstind or Flaket, 2205m, is an absolutely stunning peak, and a great shame it does not qualify as a mountain. It can be climbed with difficulty from the saddle at the bottom of the south ridge but this involves climbing to grade IV for a pitch before easing. It can be much more easily ascended from the saddle at the bottom of the north ridge with some easy scrambling.

VThe easiest way to the top of Vesle Knutsholstind, or Flaket, goes straight up the north ridge for an airy 75 metre scrambleTo get to the saddle at the bottom of the north ridge either 1.ascend the long rake diagonally ascending south east from the north end of Øvre Svartdalsvatnet lake marked 1490m (See Knutsholstind page) or 2.traverse round from Vestre Leirungstind. This traverse is arduous but is about 1 hour. Descent the gully as described above to come down Vestre Leirungstind until at an elevation of about 2000m when the arête to the north dwindles to a spur. (Do not be tempted up the grassy ledges to cross the arête earlier, as the unseen north west side is loose, steep and exposed. It is best to take the height loss on the chin).

Head north over the spur and up for 300m across the scree/slab slopes under the south face of Søre Knutsholstind to gain the saddle at the bottom of the north ridge.