Galdh°piggen Massif

Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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10.16 Galdhøi 2283m

Galdhøi, 2283m, is easily ascended from Juvvasshytta lodge in the summer by following the well worn path south to Galdhøpiggen for two km. Then leave the path and head up the edge of the Veslegjuvbreen glacier for a good ½ hour to reach the ridge. Once on the undulating pleasant ridge head south west for 1½ km to the rounded top. Return by the same or descend south west into Løyfti and return as described above along north edge of Styggebreen glacier.


10.18 Kjelhøi 2223m

Kjelhøi, 2211m, is very easily ascended from Juvvasshytta lodge by following the same route to the pleasant undulating ridge as described under 10.14 Galdhøi. Once on the ridge head north for 15 minutes to the very flat summit. It is also easy to climb from the north side by skirting round the north side of Gjuvvatnet lake. Then ascend the stony slope to the south of Gjuvfonni glacier and north of the steep Kjelen corrie. Once up on the plateau head south for a km to the top. The tour can then continue southwards.