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11.23 Veobrehesten 2185m

Veobrehesten, 2185m, is a twin peaked nunatak in the middle of the glacier under Leirhø. Due to its remote and intricate location it is seldom visited The challenging approach to it is across the crevassed Veobreen glacier from Skautflye. Once at the eastern base of the nunatak head round on the south side and continue to ascend the glacier. Keep above the wind formed channel between the glacier and the east peak on this south side, passing through a particularly crevassed area on the glacier as you ascend. Ascend the glacier right round to the south west side of the east peak until you are by the highest point of the glacier roughly under the saddle between the west and east tops of the nunatak. From this point the west top can be ascended with some easy climbing of grade III.