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Because Veobretind is surrounded by glacier it needs a fully equipped and moderately experienced party to ascend it. Crevasses will be encountered no matter which route is taken. The simplest route with the shortest glacier crossing is from Spiterstulen via the Veoskard saddle, and this is the route I have described below. The other alternatives are given below:

It is also possible to arrive at the base of the south west ridge from Glitterheim lodge by ascending the Veo glacier. From Glitterheim it is six km up the Veo river to the snout of the Veobreen glacier. From the snout it is a further five km across the heavily crevassed Veobreen glacier to the bottom of the south west ridge of Veobretind. The route up the Veobreen glacier can either pass to the north or south of Veobretind itself.

Alternatively the base of the south west ridge of Veobretind can be reached by crossing the glacier from the Memuruskard saddle or the base of the north ridge of Austre Memurutind. This is a 2 ½ km crossing from either point, and while crevassed the route of travel is along the crevasses rather than across them, except for the first ½ km after the Memuruskard saddle where the crevasses are also still likely to be covered in snow late into the summer. For more details about getting to these two points see the pages on Store Memurutind and Austre Memurutind respectively. It is possible to do these two mountains and Veobretind in a magnificent and varied 15 hour day from Spiterstulen lodge.