Glittertind Massif

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13.7 Østre Glittertindoksli 2260m

Austre Glittertindoksle, 2260m is easily ascended in the winter in conjunction with a winter ascent of Glittertind. From the shoulder in the east ridge of Glittertind marked 2274m ski ½ km north and ascend the easy south ridge. This route is also possible in summer with prior glacial experience. It is also possible to climb the long moraine ridge to the north east from Trollsteinkvelven.


13.11 Glitter-Rundhøi 2089m

Glittertind-Rundhøe, 2089m is easily ascended from the saddle between itself and Glittertind. This saddle is reached either on a descent from Glittertind or by ascending Stiendalen. It is also possible to climb it from the south by ascending the scree covered valley to north east of Skautflye to the saddle between Glittertind-Rundhøe and Steinbu-kampen and then up the scree to the top.