Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Kvitingskjølen can be climbed either on skis in the spring or as a walk in the summer. The mountain makes a superb ski ascent. It can be climbed from the west setting off from Soleggen/Sålell, the east from Brimi Lodge and the south from Smørli. Of these three possible starting points the Soleggen/Sålell probably offers the best combination for both a spring ski and a summer walking ascent. A six km road goes from Graffer Farm in the Otta Valley some eight km east of Lom up to Soleggen Lodge. Weather permitting, toll road is open all year. This is where the spring ski ascent can start. From Soleggen another road goes south for four km to the collection of seter huts at Sålell but this road is only open in the summer. This is where a summer walking ascent starts. I shall describe the walking ascent from Sålell and where appropriate make observations regarding a winter ski ascent.