Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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15.17 Søre Tverrådalskyrkja 2034m

Søre Tverrådalskyrkja, 2034m, lies 1 km to the south of Tverrådalskyrkja. It is best ascended from the summit of this mountain via a one km sharp ridge. The ridge is really more of an arête in places and is quite steep and airy. Upon beginning to traverse it however is easier than it looks and provides some easy enjoyable scrambling. It takes about ½ hour to go in either direction.


15.18 Sorvest for Fortunsdalsbreen 2018m

Sorvest for Fortundalsbreen, 2018m, lies 1½km to the south of Søre Tverrådalskyrkja. It is easily ascended from the summit of this peak with a ridge which, although sharp for the first 300 metres soon broadens out for the final km to the rounded top is only initially sharp. This traverse from Søre Tverrådalskyrkja from also takes about ½ hour in each direction.