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Høgronden can be climbed from either Dørålseter as described below in detail, or from Bjørnhollia/Straumbu as described briefly immediately below. There is a marked path, Ro.12, that goes from Bjørnhollia lodge to Dørålseter lodge over the summit of Høgronden, taking about 9-10 in either direction and is a stunning and varied walk. These route descriptions described below follow this path from either starting lodge to the middle which is the summit of Høgronden. For a full description of the entire route follow one of the ascent descriptions in reverse.

Høgronden full size mapFrom Bjørnhollia lodge skirt round the birch covered eastern slopes of Veslesvulten for four km until you reach the bridge across the Langglupåi stream. Cross the stream and head up the well marked path for 200 metres until the path forks. At this junction take the fork which continues to head uphill. After another 500 metres you should intersect the smaller path which comes up from Straumbu lodge. If coming from Straumbu lodge to this point it is 3 km through pine and the birch forests before climbing above the treeline and continuing for a further 2 km on a fainter path which passes between the main massif and a small knoll before it intersects the well marked Ro.12.

At this intersection head up the hill for ½ hour to gain the scree covered ridge. For the next hour continue up the ridge which is a gentle pleasant ascent with great views. At the end of this gentle ascent, under the final slopes to the summit is a 120 year old stone hut which has no facilities but is an excellent emergency shelter. From this stone hut the marked path becomes steeper for the final 350 metres of ascent, much of which is across loose scree, but is entirely problem-free. The time to the summit is 5 hours from Bjørnhollia and 6 from Straumbu. The descent is by the same route or one can continue to Dørålseter by reversing the route below.