Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Midtronden can be climbed from Dørålseter directly by the north ridge to the lower of its peaks, Østre Midtronden. However, just before the summit there is mildly exposed passage which is compounded by loose blocks on the crest of the arête. As long as care is taken and there is no snow then this north ridge of Østre Midtronden it should not be a problem.

Midtronden full size mapA far more usual ascent is to cross over from one of its neighbours and continue to the next as traverse of the whole massif. This traverse can be started at Bjørnhollia or Dørålseter and finished at either. To save taking a full rucksack over the whole traverse it is best to start and finish at the same lodge and of these Dørålseter is more convenient and considerably shorter, probably by as much as two hours. One can either go via Høgronden or Digerronden first. I think the former is better but the reasons are almost arbitrary. I have therefore described the traverse from Dørålseter via Høgronden first.