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Digerronden can be climbed from either Dørålseter as described below in detail, or from Rondvassbu as described briefly immediately below. It is far more convenient to start from Dørålseter as there are no complications with boat times during the summer. As a winter/spring ascent the choice of starting places is much more balanced as it is very easy to ski along Rondvatnet lake to the base of the mountain.

he cone of Digerronden on the left, the two peaks of Midtronden in the middle and Høgronden on the right, as seen from SagtindenFrom Rondvassbu take the boat to the north end of the Rondvatnet lake. The first boat goes daily at about 0900 from late June to early Sept weather permitting. The last return journey is at about 1630 and if this is missed or the weather turns bad the only alternative is to take the 2½ hour detour by Rondhalsen.

From the north end of the lake go north along the well marked path for 2½ km and then take the north east fork and skirt round the east of the southern Bergedalstjørnin tarns.

Leave the path at the end of this first lake and head directly north towards Salen, 1511m, a small knoll that emerges from the west side of Digerronden. Ascend diagonally up to this flat saddle making for its east side where the main slope of Digerronden starts. By going via the saddle with Salen the steeper boulder field on the north side of Digerronden is avoided. Once on the saddle ascend the scree slope for 500 vertical metres to reach the summit. The descent is by the same route to the saddle and thence the north end of the lake.

Digerronden full size mapIt is very feasible to return to the saddle and the continue north to Dørålseter lodges if that is the eventual destination for the day. Indeed this is a shorter option especially if there are complications with the boat. The time from the north end of Rondvatnet lake to Digerronden is 5-6 hours return. To this the boat journey of ½ hour each way or the hike over Rondhalsen of 2½ hours each way, must be added.