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Turtagrø Hotel
Private hotel/lodge with facilities
Tel: +47 57 68 08 00

The cradle of climbing in Hurrungane. The hotel is well over 100 years old and now on its second reincarnation, after the first was totally destroyed by fire in 2001. It was here that the great pioneers of Norwegian mountaineering set off on famous trips.

A visit to the hotel illustrates the 125 year relationship between the four generations of the Berge/Drægni family and generations of visiting mountaineers. The hotel is very comfortable but expensive. However, it also provides some basic cheap accommodation in an annex and this, together with its library of mountaineering books and friendly atmosphere, makes it a very attractive base.

The hotel has a long history of arranging guided ascents which continues today. There are plenty of good campsites across the river Berg and in many other areas in the vicinity also. Turtagrø is located on the north side of the main massif and is a great starting point for most of the mountains over 2000m.

The hotel is usually open from just before Easter until early October.