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To the north of the massif is the old mountain route from Lom over to the inner reaches of Sognefjord at Skjolden. This important link was eventually made into a road as recently as 1938. The road, called Sognefjellsveien, is still a very important link now provides the access to the northern parts of Hurrungane. To the south of the massif is the industrial town of Øvre Årdal, which is sustained by a Aluminium smelting works. From here a minor road goes 7 km up Utledalen to Hjelle. Hjelle is the Southern gateway to Hurrungane. Between Øvre Årdal on the south and Turtagrø on the north there is a minor road, which is a toll road.

Even in early June the snow drifts beside the Sognefjell road can exceed 3mThe road from Lom, over the mountains to Turtagrø, the RV 55, is usually closed from late November to very late April. However, the road is usually open from Skjolden up to Turtagrø. The road from Tyinkrysset over to Øvre Årdal, the RV 53, is closed in bad weather during the winter, but Øvre Årdal is usually always accessible from Lærdal, also along the road RV 53. The minor road from Øvre Årdal to Turtagrø is closed all winter from early November to early May. The road from Øvre Årdal to Hjelle is open all year. Further information can be obtained from Statens vegvesen on Tel: 175 or from outside Norway Tel: +47 81548991, alternatively view information on

There are local buses from Sogndal to Lom via Turtagrø and from Turtagrø to Øvre Årdal; The Sogndal to Otta service operates from about 20 June to 10 September. It leaves either end in the early morning and early afternoon. It stops at Lom and Turtagrø. Each of these three stages is one to one and half hours long and the total time is about four hours. The service is operated by Fjord1 Sogn Billag. For details tel: +47 5767 6600. Email:

The Øvre Årdal to Turtagrø service only operates in July and August. It leaves Øvre Årdal in the early morning, goes to Hjelle and then goes over to Turtagrø. It leaves Turtagrø mid morning, goes to Hjelle and returns to Øvre Årdal about midday. In the mid afternoon this bus also does the short trip from Øvre Årdal to Hjelle return. For further details tel:+47 5766 3010, or enquire at Turtagrø hotel. Tel +47 5768 0800.