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Accommodation in and around Hurrungane is plentiful. On the north side of the massif beside the road Rv 55 there are two lodges and a hotel. On the south side of the massif there are hotels in Årdalstangen and Øvre Årdal, a campsite with hytte and a short walk from Hjelle is the restored Avdalen Farm.

In the interior of Hurrungane there are a number of cabins and a lodge. The cabins are rudimentary and provisions must be taken in. These cabins are usually locked with a standard DNT key and these are available to all DNT members for a small deposit. For details of becoming a member of the DNT contact the DNT. Tel +47 2282 2800 or

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Type Accommodation Name
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Krossbu Lodge
A charming private old lodge, now over 100 years old, which lies beside the Sognefjellet road at 1270m.
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Fannaråken Cabin
This cabin is run by DNT. It is the highest cabin in Scandinavia at an altitude of 2068m!
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Sognefjellshytta
A private lodge which lies on the highest point of the Sognefjellet road at 1410m.
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Skogadalsbøen Lodge
One of DNT’s flagship lodges. Well sited on a flat clearing in the birch forest overlooking Utladalen and Hurrungane, it is at the hub of a web of walking tracks in the summer and skiing trails in the spring.
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Turtagrø Hotel
The cradle of climbing in Hurrungane. The hotel is well over 100 years old and now on its second reincarnation, after the first was totally destroyed by fire in 2001.
DNT cabin with no facilities Skagastølsbu Shelter
Also better know as the “Hytta på Bandet”, Skagastølsbu has been providing shelter for mountaineers in Hurrungane since 1894.
Private cabin with no facilities Utladalen Camping
This is a campsite just south of Hjelle by Øvre Årdal.
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Avdalen Farm Cabin
This is an old farm in a dramatic setting on a small plateau overlooking Utladalen.
Private cabin with self-service facilities Ingjerdbu Cabin
Burnt down in June 2001 but has since been rebuilt. It is situated beside a collection of old seter buildings on a high forested plateau above the Vettisfossen waterfall.
Private cabin with no facilities Vormeli Farm Cabin
A remarkable restored farm deep in the lush fertile depths of Utladalen.
Private cabin with no facilities Gravdalen Cabin
The old summer seter for Avdalen Farm.
DNT cabin with no facilities Stølsmaradalen Cabin
A hidden gem. It is probably the most charming of all the DNT cabins and retains much of its old seter atmosphere.