Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Hu.16  Vormeli Farm to Stølsmaradalen cabin
7 hours / 12km
700m / 400m
Unmarked path, sometimes faint. This path crosses demanding terrain.

From Vormeli Farm head south along the path for ½km, over a bridge spanning the large Maradøla stream and on to the bridge over the wild river Utla. Do not cross the bridge but continue to follow the path along the west bank of the river for another 3km. During this 3km progress is slow as the path is overgrown and poorly marked.

After these 3km the valley becomes even more gorge-like and the path leaves the bottom of the valley and climbs steeply up Kyrkjestigen for 300m. It is crucial to find the path up this steep slope, which might be difficult as it could be overgrown.

After climbing for half an hour the path levels off and you should come across a small tarn on the south side of the path. At this tarn the path splits with a fork going up Midtmaradalen valley to Skagastølsbu cabin, while the other branch crosses the Midtmaradøla stream (which must be waded over).

Once over the stream continue up for another ½km through dense birch forest until another path is intercepted. This is the path from Stølsmaradalen cabin to Skagastølsbu cabin (Hu.17). This unmarked path is more obvious.

Follow it south west up for another 200 vertical metres until it levels out and goes through a saddle between the main mountain and a pronounced knoll called Snørestødet.

From here it is an easier 2km descent on a more obvious path to the delightful Stølsmaradalen cabin.