Stølsnos Massif

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In summer the main access to the Stølsnos Massif is from Tyinkrysset in the south which is on the main Oslo-Bergen road, the RV16. From here follow the road from Tyinkrysset over to Øvre Årdal, the RV 53. After 3 km take the good quality 23km gravel road, the RV 252, to Tyinholmen and Eidsbugården. JVB operate a twice daily bus in the summer from Tyinkrysset to Eidsbugården from early July to mid October. The timetable is here

In the winter and spring, however, this road is blocked by snow drifts and is impassable until early May. During mid February until late April when the road is covered in snow road there is a twice daily vintage snowmobile service also operated by JVB. The timetable is here The snowmobiles leave from Tyin 4 km north of Tyinkrysset on the road from Tyinkrysset over to Øvre Årdal, the RV 53, which is normally open in the winter but closed in bad weather.

It is also possible to get to Eidsbugården in the summer time by a boat twice daily from Bygdin at the east end of Lake Bygdin. This classic boat operates from late June to mid September. The timetable is here Bygdin is served by bus from Oslo and Bergen via the town of Fargenes

To the south west of the massif is the industrial town of Øvre Årdal, which is sustained by a Aluminium smelting works. From here a minor road goes 7 km up Utledalen to Hjelle. From here there are summer only paths up to the Stølsnos Massif.