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Type Accommodation Name
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Skogadalsbøen Lodge
One of DNT’s flagship lodges. Well sited on a flat clearing in the birch forest overlooking Utladalen and Hurrungane, it is at the hub of a web of walking tracks in the summer and skiing trails in the spring.
Private cabin with no facilities Vormeli Farm Cabin
A remarkable restored farm deep in the lush fertile depths of Utladalen.
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Fondsbu Lodge
It is a DNT flagship and is the main gate to southern Jotunheimen in both the summer walking season and the spring ski-touring season.
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Eidsbugården Hotel
A huge old rambling building which has seen very much better days. It is closed to the public now and seems only to be used occasionally for groups.
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Tyinholmen Lodge
Once a very distinguished hotel in its historic hey-day. However the whole hotel tragically burnt to the ground but has been rebuilt in a format consisting of 10 very comfortable and traditional 3 bedroom log cabins which surround a main reception building which has a restaurant and spacious lounge.
DNT cabin with self-service facilities Olavsbu Cabin
A self service cabin situated in the heart of Jotunheimen.