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Skarddalstind, 2100 metres, is on the same long ridge-like massif as the slightly larger and sharper Skarddalseggi. It is separated from Skarddalseggi by a narrow arête and a glacier on the north side of this saddle. It is a reasonably simple mountain to climb and can even be included while walking from Olavsbu cabin to Leirvassbu lodge.

The Route from Leirvassbu Lodge
total distance for return trip19km   
total ascent and descent1020m   
total time for return journey 6hrs
difficulty rating - 2season: mar, apr, may, jul, aug, septskiingno glacier crossingno climbing suitable for wet conditions

Leave Leirvassbu lodge and follow the path Ra.2 to Gjendebu lodge. This path heads south from Leirvassbu lodge for ½ hour over the Høgvaglen saddle, then descends through boulders to follow the north shores of the Høgvagltjørnin lakes for a good hour before reaching a path junction.

Skarddalstind full size mapAt this junction leave the path to Gjendebu lodge and take the fork Ra.3 to Olavsbu cabin. Just after the fork the stream coming out of the lower Høgvagltjørnin lake has to be crossed on stepping stones, or waded if high.

Now head south for ½ hour on the marked path across easy terrain until you reach and cross a smaller stream below a small lake.

Just after crossing this second stream leave the path and start to head south east across turf and stones heading well to the north of the remnants of the glacier on the west flank. As you ascend the turf gives way to stones and old moraine ridges.

Follow one of these ridges up to an area of shallow slabs and bare rock to gain a broad shoulder on the north ridge itself, which you should reach 1½ hours after crossing the stream and leaving the path in the valley.

North Ridge

Once on this shoulder, head south up the north ridge for ½ hour to the summit. As you clamber up large boulders and blocks on the ridge the gradient steepens marginally, and becomes slightly airy for the last few hundred metres as the drop down to the glacier on the east side becomes spectacular. In spring and during the early part of summer this upper section of the ridge develops a large cornice over the precipitous drop down to the glacier on the east.

Skarddalstind from the north shore of Langvatnet lakeThe return is by the same route or descend to Olavsbu cabin via the south west ridge allowing 6 hours in total. It is also possible to traverse the whole of this massif by descending the straightforward east ridge and then climbing up the exposed and challenging west ridge of Skarddalseggi which involves two climbing sections. For more details see the Skarddalseggi page.

Skarddalstind can be climbed in the winter also by experienced parties via the north or south west ridges.