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Storgrovhøi, 2259m, is a massive rounded mountain with two main tops and a sharp peak. It lies at the northern end of the Galdhøpiggen massif surrounded on glaciers on two of its three sides.

The Route from Eleveseter Lodge
total distance for return trip19km   
total ascent and descent1650m   
total time for return journey 9-10hrs
difficulty rating - 6season: mar, apr, may, jul, aug, septpartial/difficult skiingno glacier crossingno climbingsuitable for wet conditions

Park at Elveseter and walk across the bridge on the main road. Just after the bridge on the south side is a track only suitable for tractors. This very pleasant road heads up through the fertile mixed lower forests for two km before passing into the higher birch forests for a km to reach the treeline. After the treeline it continues high up on the east side above the deep ravine in which lies the Storgjuva stream for another two km. For most of this two km it remains a tractor track but in a couple of places has been washed out by flooding streams. Continue along it until you are about ½ km from the Storgjuvbreen glacier then leave the track and cross the Storgjuva glacial stream.

Storgrovh°i in the centre right seen from Vetlepiggen to the eastIf the stream is difficult to cross then continue up to the glacier. Here just at the snout the stream is braided as it flows slowly across shallower ground. It may still be necessary to wade across the very cold stream though. The glacier tongue is too steep to negotiate without crampons.

Once on the west side of the stream head up going diagonally across the moraine in a north west direction until you get to the small stream tumbling down from the east Storgrovbreen glacier above. Once at the stream follow the north side of it up until you approach some small waterfalls above. about 200 metres before the waterfalls cross the stream and start diagonally up again in a north west direction across grassy/mossy patches carpeted with tufts of the rose root succulent. Eventually at 1650 meters elevation you should gain the top of the ridge.

Once on the ridge head straight up it in a south west direction for a ½ km to the knoll 1769m. This bare discernable mound is at the northern end of the east Storgrovbreen glacier which is appreciably crevassed. Continue up the ridge for another ½ km to the slightly more prominent knoll of 1861m. If you keep 200 hundred meters to the west of the glacier the terrain is much more stable. From knoll 1861m the route now heads south up across a stony ridge for protracted two km, initially between the east and west Storgrovbreen glaciers, but at a relatively easy gradient to reach the top of Nordre Storgrovhøi.

The final 80 metres up Storgrovh°i from the saddle to the north with Nordre Storgrovh°iFrom Nordre Storgrovhøi there is a shallow saddle ½ km to the south west across easy stony ground and then a ½ km again to the south west over easy stony ground to reach the summit of Storgrovhøi. From here there is a magnificent view across to the massive and imposing dark north wall of Skardstind. The crest 300 meters to the south, Storgrovtind offers some interesting scrambling.

On the return descend the ½ km north east to the saddle, but then instead of re-ascending Nordre Storgrovhøi head due north for 1½ km to a point slightly east of the saddle with the knoll 2050m. This should take you to the top of the west Storgrovbreen glacier. Descend down the east side of it for ½ km, possibly still on snow fields, before cutting over to the knoll 1861m again from where the ascent route is reversed. Be careful not to go charging past the point where you leave the ridge and head down the slope to the tractor track. Leave at 1650 meters elevation. The ridge looks pleasant to continue down but at the bottom of it you will either have to make a senseless detour up across two km of moraine to reach the tractor track on the other side of a gorge or bash through three km of forest to the main road.