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area mapThe Sjødalen area is in the gentler east of Jotunheimen where the mountains are less alpine and the drier climate means much smaller glaciers. The area is characterized by large open valleys and plateaus of undulating tundra.

There are only 3 mountains over 2000 metres in this area and a further 3 secondary peaks. To the south of this area is the deep green Gjende lake. To the east are the lakes and lush forests of Sjødalen valley. In the north the area demarked by the wide open Veodalen valley and to the west are the steep ramparts which rise above glaciers on the edge of the Memuru-Veo massif.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Sjødalen

Ref Name Height
12.1 Nautgardstind 2258m
12.4 Østre Nautgardstind 2194m
12.5 Nautgardsoksli 2089m
12.2 Besshøi
12.3 Stornubben
12.6 Nordøstre Stornubben 2049m

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