Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

AreasBreheimen › 15.1 Store Hestbrepigg (2172m)

Store Hestbrepiggen, 2172 metres, is the highest point of a truly enormous plateau type mountain which has a number of mountains over its length. Towards the east of the plateau the peaks are rounded while to the west of the plateau the mountains are more angular and glaciated. The highest point of this massif does not lie on the main plateau but on an outlying ridge that juts out to the north along a spectacular arête. With the exception of a few ridges and the south eastern slopes the entire plateau, which rarely drops below 2000m is surrounded by glaciers.

The Route from Lundadalen
total distance for return trip28km   
total ascent and descent1420m   
total time for return journey 8-9hrs
difficulty rating - 6season: mar, apr, may, jul, aug, septskiingno glacier crossingno climbingsuitable for wet conditions

The approach to the north ridge can be gained from heimste Lundadalsætri, which is at the end of the seven km gravel road. From here it is a seven km walk up the picturesque Lundadalen to Røysflaten. Cross over the river Skjøli to the south bank here and continue for another three km to the stream that drains heimste Hestbreen glacier. If coming from Trulsbu cabin cross the bridge and walk down the south side of the river for two km until Lundadalsvatnet is reached. Follow this for all its seven km on the south shore and then continue for another three km down the valley keeping on the south side of the river until the aforementioned stream that drains heimste Hestbreen glacier is reached. There are good camping spots here. From here there is a huge ramp that leads southwest past the north end of a large snowfield. Ascend this ramp over scree and glacial debris making for the main ridge. Ascend the main ridge keeping to the west of the large snowfield but well to the east of the Ytstebreen glacier. After a while the going gets steeper for 300 vertical metres before easing off as the summit is reached.