Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

AreasBreheimen › 15.8 Lomseggi (2068m)

Lomseggi is the eastern and highest point on a long undulating ridge which is 10km long from the western end of Hesthøi. This ridge is part of the rounded and uninspiring (in relation to Norway's other jewels) massif between the valleys of Bøverdalen, Lundadalen and Ottadalen all of which lie at about 500m. The ascent of Lomseggi therefore involves a sustained climb of 1500m. The view to the south over Jotunheimen from the summit is marvellous and justifies the slog.

The Route from Bismo
total distance for return trip16km   
total ascent and descent1660m   
total time for return journey 7-9hrs
difficulty rating - 3season: mar, apr, may, jul, aug, septskiingno glacier crossingno climbingsuitable for wet conditions

The route up Lomseggi from Bismo involves much ascent. This ascent of 1600 metres is the same from Lom or Sulheim in Bøverdalen, which are slightly more tedious routes.

Lomseggi in far centre with Molduh°i on rightJust before the bridge over the river Otta, 2 km to the east of Bismo is a turning on the south of the road up to Lundadalen. Follow this road for 1km and then turn south up a track on the east of Skjøli river for a further 2 km past the farms. After 2km and just after the last farm there is a sign for Lendhytte. Park here and start the ascent from here following the path up through the woods. The path climbs steeply for 600m over 2 km and at the tree line starts to level out into a flat valley between Skridhaugan and the looming north side of Lomseggi.

A little way above the tree line is the newly restored Lendhytte cabin. From the cabin Lomseggi fills the southern horizon. There is however still over 1000m of ascent up to the top over 4km. The path now all but disappears amongst the stony ground, but it is best to follow up the west side of the Kluftutegrovi stream until it flattens out after 2 km. Once at the flatter area Kluftutefonni glacier is clearly visible and if equipped for glacier crossing this can be followed up to the ridge. If not equipped walk round the east edge of the small glacier to get to the ridge and summit.

The descent route is the ascent route in reverse. It is also possible to continue south west along the undulating ridge for 10km to Hesthøi 2044m, and thereby climb a second Scandinavian mountain over 2000 metres. The 10km along the ridge however, involves another 400m of ascent and descent and 3 hours should be allowed for the ridge (for one way).