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area mapRondane is a mountain massif in Central Norway, lying between the two major valley of Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. In 1962 a large area of this area, nearly 600 km², was designated a national park, Norway's first.

The national park was partly set up to protect the fragile environment of Rondane which due to a dearth of soil nutrients supports a limited but unique vegetation. This sparse vegetation has not conducive to domestic grazing there is little history of summer pastoralism in Rondane. This has enabled the native wild herd of reindeer to survive better here than in other area.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Rondane

Ref Name Height
17.1 Rondslottet 2178m
17.9 Vinjeronden 2044m
17.2 Storronden
17.3 Høgronden
17.4 Midtronden
17.10 Østre Midtronden 2042m
17.5 Sagtind 2018m
17.6 Storsmeden 2016m
17.7 Veslesmeden 2015m
17.8 Digerronden 2015m

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