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Gjendebu Lodge
DNT hotel/lodge with
Tel +47 57 87 43 00 or +47 61 23 89 44

Gjendebu Lodge is a large lodge at the west end of Gjende lake. It also has a long history and was established in 1871. Much of its history is associated with Gjendine Slaalien, a much respected and long lived lady.

GjendebuIt is owned by the DNT but is well run privately on their behalf. It is one of the prettiest gateways into Jotunheimen and is something of a hidden gem. It is accessible to the road at Gjendesheim lodge via a twice daily boat service down the deep 18 km lake weather permitting.

It has about 120 beds in a variety of timber buildings with drying rooms and showers. The toilets are outside in a notoriously acrid building. In the main building there is the dining hall where good breakfasts and dinners are served.

The lodge is usually open from mid March to Mid April for the ski season and from late June to late September for walking season. The prices are the DNT standard prices.

For further information Tel +47 57 87 43 00 or +47 61 23 89 44. There is also an excellent website on Gjendebu lodge with a complete English translation. There is an email address here also. The website is at

When the main lodge is not open there is a self service cabin with 32 beds, heating and cooking facilities and provisions.