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Krossbu Lodge
Private hotel/lodge with facilities
Tel: +47 61 21 29 22

A charming private old lodge, now over 100 years old, which lies beside the Sognefjellet road at 1270m.

KrossbuIt is an excellent spot to explore the Smørstabb massif and gives good access to the north eastern areas of Hurrungane. It is relatively cheap.

During May and in the summer months there are guided trips from here over the glacier to Leirvassbu.

If anything negative can be said about Krossbu lodge, and it is hardly fair to do so as it is otherwise so comfortable, it is that there are often parties of elder schoolchildren here doing various outdoor courses.

Krossbu lodge is usually open during the Easter weeks and all the weekends in May. It then opens fully from early June to the end of September.