Scandinavian Mountains over 2000m - Introduction

Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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M711 Series

There is a series of 1:50,000 topographic maps which cover Norway in its entirety. This is the M711 series and is produced by Statens Kartverk, the national body. The country is divided up into squares, each of which is numbered. Each of these squares is then divided into four quadrants called I, II, III or IV respectively and is given a title name, and each one is a single map. There are 727 all together.

For each of the areas where there are 2000 metre mountains a few of the maps will be needed. Breheimen alone needs about 8 maps and Jotunheimen 6, Dovre 4 while only Rondane is on a single map. The maps are quite expensive (about £10) and it is not perhaps the cheapest way to go. I have summarized the maps needed for each area:


Square Quadrant Name Overlaps with other areas
Hurrungane 1517 IV Hurrungane *
  1518 III Sygnefjell **
Jotunheimen 1618 IV Lom  
  1518 III Sygnefjell **
  1518 II Galdhøpiggen ***
  1618 III Glittertind  
  1517 IV Hurrungane *
  1517 I Tyin  
  1617 IV Gjende  
Breheimen 1418 IV Lodalskåpa  
  1418 III Jostedalen  
  1418 I Skridulaupen  
  1418 II Mørkrisdalen  
  1518 IV Pollfoss  
  1518 III; Sygnefjell **
  1518 I Skjåk  
  1518 II Galdhøpiggen ***
Reinheimen 1319 II Tordsvatnet  
  1419 III Lesjaskog  
Rondane 1718 I Rondane  
  1818 IV Atnsjøen  
  1519 II Folldal  
Dovrefjell 1519 IV Snøhetta  
  1419 I Storskrymten  

Turkart Series

This is a series of particular areas which are popular for walking and hiking. Some of them are 1:50000 while others are 1:100000. This is based on the convienience of having all on a single map. It is probably a better bet to opt for these maps rather than the M711 series it will be cheaper and the maps are generally more convienient without mountains being in the corner of up to 4 maps. The quality of the maps, especially the 1.100000 ones are not as good though. Again the price is about £10 per map. Currently there is no map for the Reinheimen area but it is expected soon.


Map Name Scale ISBN Number
Hurrungane and Jotunheimen Jotunheimen Vest 1:50000 7046660025055
Jotunheimen Aust 1:50000 7046660025031
Breheimen Breheimen 1:100000 7046660024119
Rondane Rondane Nor 1:50000 7046660025239
Dovrefjell Dovrefjell 1:100000 7046660024973

In addition to this there is a a large scale map of Hurrungane with all 14 of the 2000 metre mountains on it. This map is available from Turtagrø hotel and very few other places. It is about £20.


Map Name Scale ISBN Number
Hurrungane - 1:25000 -


In Sweden there is a series of 1:50000 topographic maps that covers all but the mountainous area of Norrland. However Norland is the area we need so while this area is being mapped we have to suffice with the 1:100000 Fjällkartan series. This series of 23 Maps covers the entire Swedish Mountains. Each map is about £10. The maps required for the 2000 metre mountains are:


Map Name Scale ISBN Number
Sarek BD10 Sareks Nationalpark 1:100000 9789158894169
Kebnekaise BD 6 Abisko-kebnekaise-Narvik 1:100000 9789158894884

In addition to this there is a a large scale map of Kebnekaise area with the all three 2000 metre mountains on it in that massif. This map is hard to come by but is very useful. The details are:


Map Name Scale ISBN Number
Kebnekaise Högfjällskartan Kebnekaise 1:20000 9789158842649

Map data in Scandinavia

All these maps in Norway are based on the Geodetic Datum: EUREF 89 . All these maps in Sweden are based on the Geodetic Datum: SWEREF 99. Both of these datums are synonymous with WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) and both use UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates.


Most odf the maps are available locally. They can also be pre ordered from Stanfords in London. Tel +44 (0)20 7836 1321 or or from other places on the internet.