Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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1.24 Søre Soleibotntind 2049m
Soleibotntind from Ringsbreen to the east

Søre Soleibotntind, 2049m, is most easily climbed from Store Soleibotntind. From the summit of the latter head south for 300 meters until you are opposite a small peak the other side of a deep saddle.

Scrabble down the steep loose slope to this saddle (beware of cornices). At the saddle descend 20 metres down a snow gully which is likely to be icy, to gain a shelf formation on the west side of the small peak.

Follow this shelf for 30 meters then start to scramble up to the ridge gaining it south of the small peak. Once on the ridge follow it south east for 400 metres, avoiding any obstacles by scrambling round to the west of them, until you reach the top.


1.25 Nordre Soleibotntind 2030m

Nordre Soleibotntind, 2030m, from the saddle between Store and Nordre Soleibotntind head north east along the south west arête to the bottom of the first crag. From here the first 20 metres the route goes on the exposed east side of the arête.

Then there is an exposed 2m but grade V climb onto the arête and then onto the west side. Scramble along formations (grade II) on the west side passing under the top and then make the short climb (grade III ) up onto the north arête. Double back and head south again now up to the airy top. This top necessitates rope, protection, crampons and ice axe.