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1.20 Søre Austanbotntind 2103m
Austanbotntind from near Murane on the Turtagrø to Årdal road

Søre Austanbotntind, 2103m, a difficult peak which involves climbing up to grade III. It can be climbed on its own, via the south ridge, but it is sometimes also climbed as part of the traverse over the whole Austanbotntind massif. This traverse is described above in the alternative routes sections.






1.21 Vestre Austanbotntind 2100m
Austanbotntind full size map

Vestre Austanbotntind, 2100m, lies on the west ridge of Austanbotntind. It is easily climbed from the toll booth on the Turtagrø to Årdal road. It is usually climbed en route to Store Austanbotntind and is described in the main section.