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Scandinavia has a wealth of spectacular mountains

Though only half the height of the Alps and not quite on the same scale of grandeur, they can match the Alps in almost every other respect.

In Romsdal in Norway is Trollvegen, the highest vertical wall in Europe at 1700m. Between the largest fjords in the world on Norway's west coast are the largest glaciers in Europe.

Sarek National Park in north Sweden is by far the greatest wilderness area of Europe. Indeed, the mountainous areas of Scandinavia are much larger than the Alps and Pyrenees put together. More about Scandinavian mountains ›

As of Sept 2005 I have climbed all 137 Scandinavian mountains over 2000 metres, and this website is intended as a guide to others who wish to experience the splendour of Scandinavia.

In 2009 I skied the entire length of Norway during the winter and then when I got to the north kayaked back down the entire coast during the spring and summer. This continious and uninterupted journey of some 6000 km was like a spiritual pilgrimage for 8 months. This tour was documented in the blog However it has now been published in a book 'Norway: The Outdoor Paradise'. and can be purchased from any online retailer by searching the ISBN number of 9780955049712

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James Baxter

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