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Ro.3 Rondvassbu lodge to Dørålseter lodges
5 hrs / 14km
520m / 640m
Marked in summer with cairns. Marked in the spring with twig poles.

There are two variations to the route from Rondvassbu to Dørålseter.

1) During the summer months from late June to mid September a small boat plies up and down Rondvatnet lake with the first sailings about 0900 and the last around 1630. In the winter/spring months it is best to ski across the frozen lake on the marked trail to the northern end and then follow the summer route as described below.

2) Outwith these times one has to walk round the lake, however the sides are too steep to follow the shore and it is necessary to make a extensive detour over Rondhalsen to the west of the lake.

Leave Rondvassbu lodge and head south for a few hundred metres along the road and then at the south end of the lake head west onto a path which crosses the River Ula on a year round bridge. Continue along this path crossing another smaller bridge at the downstream entrance of the Jutulhogget gorge. After the gorge the path then climbs up towards the black crags of Svarthammaren for 1½ km until it splits.

At the split take the north branch up the Rondhalsen valley for 2 km to another fork. Again take the north branch and follow the cairns over the top of knoll 1647m. Thereafter there is a steep descent down the north side of the hill for 1½ km down to Rondvassdalen and the north end of the lake. This descent is well marked but is quite steep in places.

Once in the valley head north climbing very gently for 2 km to the watershed just to the south of the Bergedalstjørnin tarns. Here the path forks again with a smaller branch heading to the north east which leads to Bjørnhollia lodge via Langglupdalen (Ro.4). The path to Dørålseter passes to the west of these two tarns and then make a very gradual descent for 5 km down Bergedalen to reach the Døråi River.

Follow this river along the marked trail on the southern bank for 1½ km, wading over the small Bergedalsbekken stream, to reach a year-round bridge over the Døråi River. (During this 1½ km you'll pass along the north side of the remarkable Skranglehaugan, which is worth a detour to see.) Cross the bridge over the Døråi River to the north side and follow the path downstream for a further km to reach the Dørålseter lodges.