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Grimsdalshytta Lodge
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Tel: +47 61 23 17 88

Grimsdalshytta Lodge is another flagship DNT lodge in Rondane. This lodge is also one of DNT's finest, being an old seter which has been modernized yet retains much of its charm including turf roofs.

Grimsdalshytta lodge can be accessed by car in the summer on the scenic Grimsdalsveien, which is a toll road connecting Dovrefjell in Gudbrandsdalen with Folldal. In the winter/spring this road is blocked with snow. The lodge has 54 beds in a variety of bedrooms.

During the Easter period and from mid June to mid September it is staffed and offers refreshments, meals and accommodation. Outside these times the lodge is not staffed but there is a self-service accommodation facility with provisions available.

The standard key is needed to gain access Both the main lodge and the self-service cabin are completely closed during May and the first third of June to discourage walkers in the Reindeer calving season.

The prices are the DNT standard prices.