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Spiterstulen Lodge
Private hotel/lodge with facilities
Tel +47 61 21 94 00

Spiterstulen Lodge is a large lodge with 200 beds in a variety of classes from en suite doubles to bunks with shared showers.

Spiterstulen LodgeThe prices are pretty similar or slightly higher to the other lodges and the DNT standard prices. There is a discount for DNT members. The best value for money is a 'pensionpris' which includes accommodation, 3 course supper and a large breakfast buffet, but this is only valid for stays of 3 days or more. Lunch is extra.

The lodge has a very long pedigree having been run by 6 generations of the famous Sulheim family since 1836, when the first incarnation was adapted for walkers from the summer farm here. The Sulheim family has a long association with mountain guiding and through the generations have included many distinguished climbers and guides.

The lodge is superbly placed between Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind and a host of other 2000 metre mountains. There are regularly large groups of school children here on week long courses in mountain awareness.

These children do not circulate or eat with the other walkers, but managing them has taken its toll, as it has encouraged an atmosphere of petulant efficiency.

For more information Tel +47 61 21 94 00. It has a very informative website with an English link at There are no self service facilities out of season.