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There are 2 routes up Midtre Urdadalstind.

  1. Midtre Urdadalstind full size mapThe route up the north ridge from the saddle with Store Urdadalstind
  2. The exciting route via southern arête from Urdadalen. I have described this route as the main preferred route starting at Spiterstulen lodge. There is also a variation of this starting at Leirvassbu lodge, which I also describe in the main section.

1. North Ridge Route

To get to the saddle at the bottom of the north ridge one can either come up the bloodsome boulder slog from the north end of the lake in Semelholet which takes 3½ hours from Leirvassbu lodge and 4 hours from Spiterstulen lodge.

Alternatively you can come over Store Urdadalstind having come up the north ridge of this mountain from Spiterstulen lodge which takes about 5 hours.

Details of these two routes to this saddle are described on the Store Urdadalstind page.

From the saddle at the bottom of the arête the rough ground with ample easy scrambling over a minor top leads up to 3 pinnacles. Each of these pinnacles can be individually ascended but a traverse of them involves some climbing.

Curious rock formation by the middle pinnacle on the north ridge of Midtre UrdadalstindThe pinnacles can also easily be avoided by clambering across the boulders at the base of them on the west side.

On the east side of the middle pinnacle is a fragile rock formation resembling a man with a rucksack and cap. The most southerly and pronounced of these 3 pinnacles is composed of red ironstone.

Just beyond this redder pinnacle are some more clambering stretches for the short bouldery section to the summit of Midtre Urdadalstind. It takes ½ hour to come up the ridge from the saddle to the summit.