Kalvehøgdi Massif

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Type Accommodation Name
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Torfinnsbu Lodge
Torfinnsbu lodge lies halfway along the north side of Bygdin lake. The lodge has some 36 beds spread in a number of old wooden grass roofed buildings
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Valdresflya Vandrerhjem Hostel
Valdresflya Vandrerhjem is a youth hostel which lies right on the highest point of the Valdresflye plateau. It lies beside the main Riksveg 51 road between Fagernes and Vågå
Private hotel/lodge with facilities Bygdin Lodge
Bygdin Fjellhotel lies at the eastern end of Bygdin lake. It also lies on the main Riksveg 51 road between Fagernes and Vågå
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Gjendesheim Lodge
Gjendesheim lodge is one of the DNT flagship lodges. It is situated at the east end of Gjende lake
DNT hotel/lodge with facilities Gjendebu Lodge
A large lodge at the west end of Gjende lake.