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area mapThe Smørstabb massif in north west Jotunheimen is a massif of two halves. The northern section is largely rounded mountains with some steep ridges while the southern section is very alpine with sharp aretes ridges and angular summits. The massif is bordered by 3 huge valleys; Leirdalen to the east, Bøverdalen/Briedsæterdalen to the north and west, and Gravdalen to the South. There are eleven mountains in this massif and a further twelve peaks over 2000 metres.

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Mountains & Associated Peaks in Smørstabb Massif

Ref Name Height
9.1 Storebjørn 2222m
9.2 Smørstabbtind
9.3 Saksi
9.13 Peak north of Saksi 2077m
9.21 Geite 2002m
9.4 Loftet 2170m
9.5 Veslfjelltind 2157m
9.6 Veslebjørn 2150m
9.12 Skeii 2118m
9.16 Kalven 2034m
9.7 Kniven 2133m
9.8 Gravdalstind 2113m
9.15 South west Smørstabbtind 2045m
9.17 South Smørstabbtind 2033m
9.18 South east Smørstabbtind 2030m
9.9 Bakarste Skagsnebb 2093m
9.20 Skagsnebb 2003m
9.10 Veslbretind 2092m
9.14 Hurrbretind 2060m
9.19 Storbretind 2018m
9.22 Jervefonni 2001m
9.11 Stetind 2020m

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