Smørstabb Massif

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9.13 Peak north of Saksi 2077m

North west of Saksi (sometimes wrongly called Geite), 2077m. Top 9.13 is easily climbed in 10 minutes from the saddle with Saksi. To reach this from Bjørnskardet saddle see the above article on "Saksi from Krossbu lodge".


9.21 Geite 2002m

Geite, 2002m. Geite is easily climbed from Leirdalen. Park to the west of Presten and cross the Leira stream and then the Tverrbyttbekken stream. Once over the streams head north west up the grassy slope to the stony saddle between Geite and Rundhøe. From the saddle head south up the steep boulder fields of the north ridge to reach the top.